The white varieties of grapes represent three quarters of the overall production of the domain. In majority, Chasselas grapes, divided into five distinct appellations, thus presenting this grapes multiple facets: CULLY and the  VILLETTE , tender and fine, EPESSES , brimming with fullness and generosity, CALAMIN , that combines firmness and character, and finally SAINT-SAPHORIN , fruity and full-bodied. Grown in much smaller quantities and matured in barrels, CHARDONNAY OF EPESSES is a specialty of our vineyard.

The production of white wines averages out to 35,000 bottles per annum.
The red grape varieties, representing one quarter of the domain, consist of Gamaret, Garanoir, Gamay and Pinot Noir. The first three varieties, planted in gravelly soils, provide lively vines, spicy and tannic; the bouquet evokes red fruits such as cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant. The Pinot Noir variety is grown in calcareous soils and has dense and distinct tannic aromas with an agreeable peppery note on the finish.

Bottles issued from these varieties have the appellations of VILLETTE CÉPAGES NOBLES, EPESSES CÉPAGES NOBLES, PINOT GAMAY et PINOT NOIR .



Our wines have fully satisfied the requirements of the organic production of grapes according to VITISWISS regulations.

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