Aligned facing Lake Geneva and counter crossing the terrains natural inclination to resist erosion, the vineyards are fragmented into more than thirty terraced plots in the communs of Grandvaux, Cully, Riex, Epesses and Puidoux.

Until 1995, the operations of the vineyard were managed by the brothers Claude and Jean-Pierre Ponnaz. The vineyard was then taken over by Louis-Philippe Ponnaz and his cousin Marc-Henri Mermod, both happily married with wonderful children. Together, their individual expertises complement each other in all the different domains of winemaking from planting and nourishing the vines to the sales and marketing of the finished product.

Ponnaz & Fils - Rte de Vevey 7 - 1096 Cully - Tél. : +41 (0)21 799 13 18 ou +41 (0)21 799 15 62